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Radar: Charlie Austin vs Danny Ings

junio 13, 2015

Here I present the #futradar of two forwards that succeeded in the last Premier League despite the failures of their teams. These radars (as published in this post in Spanish) are inspired by Ted Knutson who now works for Brentford (Championship) and Midtjylland (Danish Superliga). I use the same templates as he did with some slightly changes. These radars are drawn over my Forward template in which I replace «Throughballs» -used by Knutson- with «Aerial Duels». I think Aerial Duels are more representative of a good forward who serves as a reference for his team. Those strikers seldom have played any successful throughballs. The Ariel Duels parameters are a bit harsh in this template as they were decided with a small sample of forwards and will become softer next season. The data in the radar is written in Spanish but most categories are the same as Knutson’s. Reading clockwise:  Non Penalty Goals, Shots, Shot%, Passing%, Assists, Key Passes, Aerial Duels%, Interceptions+Tackles, Dispossessed, Successful Dribbles and Goal Conversion%. 

Charlie Austin


Austin, born in 1989, is still in the market following Queen’s Park Rangers relegation to the Championship. He played 3069 minutes during the last Premier and scored 18 goals. His radar is the typical of a goalscorer but he seems also good in providing assists to his team mates. The Ariel Duels should improve a bit but I noticed it is a difficult task for forwards in England as the defenders seem more prepared for these challenges than in other top leagues. Other aspects worth of mention, sometimes linked to each other, are his few dribbles and his ability to hold and protect the ball. According to CIES Football Observatory his price tag is estimated around 11 million euros but even with only one more year left in his contract it the asking price will be almost 20 million euros.

Danny Ings


Ings, born in 1992, has already joined Liverpool on a free transfer but as the forward is still 22 years old there will be a compensation for Burnley. According to his radar, Danny Ings has the potential to become a good role player for Liverpool though he will need to develop his skills if he wants to establish himself in the starting line up. He didn’t shine in any of the data categories but except for the Aerial Duels he is well over the minimum in the rest of the metrics. He could fit better in the typical Forward/Attacking Midfield template but, as he didn’t provide any through balls, I decided to use the Centre Forward template. Ings scored 11 goals in 3035 minutes with Burnley in the Premier League.

Contact: informefut@gmail

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